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As Canada’s elder population grows, an increasing number of individuals will require care for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

The prevalence of AD in Canada is expected to increase from approximately 364,000 persons in 2000 to over 750,000 persons by 2030, with approximately half of the individuals living in the community (CSHA Working Group, 1994).

When mother-of-three Maria Kang posted a Facebook photo of herself and her three young kids with the text "What's Your Excuse?

“Many others have posted their own breastfeeding pictures on social media as well.

Many argue that the mother-daughter bond is central to the lives of women (Allen & Walker, 1992).

Given the longer life span of women and the gendered role expectations of women to assume the role of primary caregivers for family and friends (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2004); intergenerational caregiving between mothers and daughters will become increasingly common.

A new mother wanting to promote confidence among women about their bodies has released a post-baby ‘saggy belly’ picture while breastfeeding naked in the bath.

Emmy Waller, 26, took the picture of her with 12-week-old Alice in celebration of her being able to still feed the baby despite her battling difficulties and jaundice.

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